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Philip Vella OMM Tribute/Għanja lil Ġużi/Remembering Paul Mifsud/ Halcyon's new member!

Philip Vella's OMM: A Musical Tribute to Mothers

Composer Philip Vella has recently unveiled a new track titled OMM, a heartfelt tribute to all mothers, released fittingly on Mother's Day. This piece holds particular significance for him as it honors his beloved mother Esther, who passed away on October 15, 2022, transitioning into eternity.

Having been deeply ingrained in the local music scene for years, Philip Vella has garnered considerable acclaim with compositions such as X’Jimpurtani, securing second place at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival in 1995, and Kemm Jien Beżżul, which clinched the top spot at the same festival just three years later. Yet, OMM exudes a distinct vibe, albeit resonating closely with the stylistic essence he cherishes. This resonance is evident in his album 60+, featuring tracks like Għalfejn Tħobbni Daqshekk, Allura, Ġenna u Infern, and the deeply personal Pa, where Philip reflects on his relationship with his father.

Music Video: Youtube

Amber unveils the official music video for 'Għanja lil Ġużi

In a whirlwind of passion and dedication, last January marked a pivotal moment in Amber's life. With the joy of new motherhood still fresh, she found herself right back in the spotlight, gracing the judge's panel for the live show of X Factor Malta. Yet, amidst the glitz and glam

and the tension of the finale, she unveiled a deeply personal creation alongside her trusted

collaborator, Elton Zarb: 'Għanja lil Guzi', a tender lullaby straight from the heart.

Her performance was nothing short of magical, leaving an indelible mark on all who witnessed it. Soon after, the song resonated far beyond the confines of the stage, becoming a cherished anthem for parents across social media platforms.

Fast forward to this weekend, Amber unveiled the official music video for 'Għanja lil Ġużi'.

The response? Nothing short of spectacular. In a mere 24 hours, the video soared past 5,000 views, claiming its rightful place as the #1 trending music video on YouTube. Crafted by the team at tribe. with Olwyn Jo being the artistic director, the the music video is a story being told by visuals. Set against the backdrop of Amber's heartfelt lyrics, it features a number of real-life parents and their precious children, each frame brimming with raw emotion. And if you look closely, you might just catch a glimpse of some familiar faces and even Ġużi himself which adds an extra layer of connection to this deeply moving narrative.

In this mesmerizing union of music and visuals, 'Għanja lil Guzi' transcends its status as a mere lullaby, emerging as a timeless ode to the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Remembering Paul Mifsud: A Legend in Malta's Music Scene

photo: Alfie Fabri

Paul Mifsud's passing at the age of 76 marked the end of an era for Malta's music community. He was widely recognized for his expertise and influence, particularly within the realms of the Record Centre, Exotique, and Music Club, where he became a fixture and a respected authority.

Mifsud's impact extended beyond his roles in music venues. In 1991, he took to the airwaves to host the program "Xejn Ħlief Rock" on Radio 101, a show that left an indelible mark on listeners with its eclectic mix and deep dives into rock music. His contributions to various programs alongside notable figures like Eric Montfort and Alfie Fabri underscored his versatility and passion for sharing his musical knowledge.

His expertise in popular music, especially classic rock, was unparalleled. Mifsud was a veritable font of knowledge and critical appraisal, often regarded on par with the most esteemed critics. His insights into the works of icons like Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones elevated the discourse surrounding these artists in Malta's music scene.

Paul Mifsud's legacy as Malta's foremost expert on the music of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones is undeniable. His profound impact on the local music community, through his contributions to venues, radio programs, and critical discourse, will be felt for years to come.

In this time of mourning, heartfelt condolences go out to all who knew and respected Paul Mifsud. His presence will be deeply missed, but his influence will endure, leaving an indelible mark on Malta's musical landscape.

Halcyon Introduces New Member & Debuts Song at Rock The South

Halcyon at Rock The South. Photo: Emvin Mifsud

During their performance at Rock The South on Sunday, May 5th, Halcyon introduced their newest member. Miguel Ángel Sarmiento made his debut with the band as their second guitarist, with singer Zain Gauci formally presenting him on stage. Miguel is already a familiar figure in the local metal scene, having joined thrash outfit Sonic Storm in 2023.

In the lead-up to Rock The South, Halcyon also premiered a new song titled 'Submerged (In Your Own Vanity)'. This release comes three months after their debut single 'Serenity'. Both tracks are demo recordings and are available for viewing on the band's YouTube page.

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