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RED ELECTRIC - press release

In 2023, the members of Red Electric sustained their remarkable journey of triumph. They unveiled a new EP, graced stages both locally and globally, and notably shared the spotlight with Robbie Williams, captivating audiences far and wide with their captivating melodies. Despite their demanding schedules, their commitment to crafting compelling music remained unwavering. 'Time Flies' is just a glimpse of the brilliance we can expect from Red Electric this year

Red Electric is starting off 2024 with a hit that is sure to find its way onto your playlists quickly. Whether you're at work, driving, or just relaxing with your other half on Valentine’s Day, 'Time Flies' is the perfect addition.

In 2023, the boys continued their streak of success. They launched a new EP, performed at gigs locally and internationally, and even opened for Robbie Williams during the summer, captivating thousands with their music. Despite their busy schedules, their dedication to songwriting never wavered. 'Time Flies' is just one of the many gems we can anticipate from Red Electric this year 

‘Time Flies’ is a song written by the 4 guys in Red Electric whilst on a trip in UK, inspired by British heroes like The Cure, The Smiths and also more contemporary artists like Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles - Lyrically, Joe speaks about the passing of time, and how quickly it passes when you are in the presence of somebody you love - be it a friend, partner or family member - Love has been a topic of inspiration of thousands of songs throughout pop music history, and the subject of this song does not re-invent the wheel, but then again, the concept and the emotion of Love has not varied much either since the existence of the human race - Time flies when a person you love is by your side. The song was produced by the band together at Peter's studio - Railway Studios. Sonically, classic British bands like The Cure's Friday I'm in Love was a massive inspiration, Pete picked up his 12 string guitar which he purchased recently and told the guys, let's write something like "Friday I'm in Love" and instantly starting playing the riff which would end up being the main riff and counter melody under the chorus. Aleandro wrote a brilliant harmony riff to this riff which together created a sound similar to bands like Keane and Coldplay. Ivan's signature melodic bass lines add texture and finish off what is on it's own a backing track you would enjoy listening to. Finally, the cherry on the cake is the actual lyric - lyrically Joe hit the nail on the head with this one and wrote what is one of his best lines yet - Time Flies when you're by my side.

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