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Rock For Richmond / Latest Releases / EuroPride 4 September / Rockestra 2023

Kill The Action Captivating Sonic Landscapes

Kill The Action is a quartet specialising in electro-rock, comprising musicians hailing from diverse corners of the music community. Their musical fusion involves a harmonious interplay between melodious and intense guitar tones, alongside ambient-style synthesizers, substantial synth bass reverberations, infectious rhythmic patterns, and profound vocal melodies. This amalgamation results in the creation of a distinctive and captivating sonic experience.

Their discography includes an EP named 'For All You People,' which was unveiled in 2018, followed by the release of their full-length album 'Anti-Gravity' in 2020. Their most recent offering is an EP titled 'Zero / Infinity,' which became available on various media platforms on August 8th. This EP consists of six tracks, with three of them, including the title track 'Zero / Infinity,' having been released as individual singles. The latest addition to their singles roster is 'Mongol,' which coincided with the official release of the EP on the same date.

Rock for Richmond: Unveiling a Spectacular Musical Affair for Mental Health Awareness

Announcing the triumphant return of Rock for Richmond!

In its latest edition, the annual fundraising concert orchestrated by Malta’s foremost mental health non-governmental organization, The Richmond Foundation, is poised to shine with the presence of renowned performers.

Taking the stage on this vibrant evening are Joon, Brikkuni, and Kym Pepe – artists celebrated for their entrancing talents that have resonated not only locally but also on the global music stage.

Scheduled for the 19th of August at the Greek Amphitheatre adjacent to Mosta’s MCAST school, this event is an unmissable occasion, boasting an exceptional lineup of musical acts and a compelling platform to illuminate the dimensions of mental health awareness.

Marking its fourth iteration, this year's concert guarantees an electrifying night of music, entertainment, and meaningful exchange among attendees.

This concert has firmly cemented its status as a community favorite, rallying musicians and supporters alike to rally behind the cause of the foundation, raising both funds and consciousness for its critical undertakings.

At the core of The Richmond Foundation's mission is the enhancement of mental well-being in Malta, facilitated through an array of services encompassing therapy, support groups, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts.

The event receives generous sponsorship from Shoulder Compliance, Hole in the Wall, and

Secure your tickets by visiting here and be part of this extraordinary event.

Tryst Arcane's 'Sun Of Other Days': A Musical Voyage to Nostalgic Summers

Making a highly anticipated return, Tryst Arcane unveils their second release, titled 'Sun Of Other Days,' featuring the accomplished guitarist Emanuel Portelli as a guest collaborator. This album delves into the heart of a Maltese/Mediterranean summer backdrop, where nostalgia and memories intertwine. It aims to resonate with the inner child of numerous Maltese millennials, transporting them to the cherished days of their youth spent beside the sea, upon sandy and rocky shores.

The album encapsulates the essence of those bygone summer holidays – the sun's warmth during the day, the lingering heat at night, the salty sea breeze that carried the aroma of the sea and the coastline. It revives the sounds of the shore and its unique fragrances, reminiscent of traditional foods and the cheerful jingle of the ice-cream van. Beyond these sensory experiences, 'Sun Of Other Days' encapsulates the profound sense of togetherness with family and friends, the exciting adventures fueled by boundless imagination, and the unburdened spirit of innocence and liberation.

'Sun Of Other Days' is slated for release on major digital platforms on the 11th of August, 2023. Get ready to be transported to the magical tapestry of summers past with Tryst Arcane's evocative musical journey.

The Travellers & Ira Losco for EuroPride Valletta 2023 Concert with Christina Aguilera

The official booking system for the remarkable EuroPride Valletta 2023 concert is now open for reservations. This year's concert will be graced by the presence of internationally acclaimed American artist Christina Aguilera, who will be the focal point of the event.

Scheduled to take place at the Floriana Granaries on Saturday, September 16th, this concert is open to all at no cost. However, to ensure safety measures, those intending to attend are kindly requested to secure their spots through a reservation.

The organizers have outlined that each individual can reserve a maximum of four spots, categorized by age: 17 years and above, between 14 and 16 years, and all those under 14 years. Attendees aged 14 to 16 must provide a signed concert form from their parents or guardians, while those under 14 can only attend if accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older.

Christina Aguilera's performance will conclude the Pride March, anticipated to draw a substantial crowd of both Maltese and international participants. This march symbolizes Malta's strides in civil rights and underscores its commitment to fostering increased equality not just locally, but across Europe and beyond.

Notably, reservations are not required for the Pride March itself. However, those interested in staying for the concert afterwards are advised to book their tickets.

Aguilera, a notable advocate for the LGBTIQ+ community, is set to headline the concert with her chart-topping hits like "Beautiful," "Lady Marmalade," "Genie in a Bottle," and "What a Girl Wants." Joining her on stage will be a mix of local and international supporting acts, including Greek singer and artist Katerina Stikoudi, who is no stranger to performing at gay pride concerts abroad. The lineup also features local talents Ira Losco and The Travelers.

Ira Losco expressed her honor at being part of the lineup, emphasizing that music transcends barriers of age, race, and sexuality. The Travelers' Chris Gatt expressed excitement for the unique opportunity to perform on the same stage as Aguilera and highlighted the significance of showcasing Maltese music on a European stage.

This much-anticipated concert featuring Aguilera will serve as the grand finale of the EuroPride Valletta 2023 event series, a pioneering celebration taking place in Malta for the first time from September 7th to 17th.

Rockestra 2023: Uniting Music and Purpose for a Noble Cause

Rockestra 2023, centered around the theme "More Than a Feeling," is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 30th, at the Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, MFCC, Ta’ Qali.

This edition of Rockestra marks the concluding chapter under the leadership of President George Vella, organized in support of The Malta Community Chest Fund.

Pawlu Borg Bonaci, the Artistic Director of Rockestra, emphasizes that the event, orchestrated by The Malta Community Chest Fund in collaboration with numerous dedicated volunteers, transcends the boundaries of a mere rock concert. Instead, it stands as a purposeful gathering that unites individuals from diverse walks of life, all contributing to a noble cause.

In a noteworthy departure, Maestro Aurelio Belli will serve as the Musical Director for Rockestra for the first time. He reflects on his own experience of benefiting from The Malta Community Chest Fund's assistance during a challenging period marked by cancer. Through his involvement with Rockestra, Belli aims to reciprocate the support he once received.

President George Vella extends his gratitude to the organizers, The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and the participating vocalists, highlighting their unwavering commitment to ensuring Rockestra's triumph. The event's primary objective, as articulated by the President, remains to generate funds for The Malta Community Chest Fund, a crucial pillar of support for numerous individuals, particularly those grappling with illnesses.

The launch of Rockestra's fifteenth annual installment saw the presence of key figures such as John Huber, Chairman of the Board of Administrators of The Malta Community Chest Fund, Owen Bonnici, Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government, and Julie Zahra, the Opposition’s Spokesperson for the National Heritage, the Arts, and Culture. These leaders urge the public to attend Rockestra, an occasion that not only celebrates Maltese talent but also upholds an honorable mission.

The roster of performers for this year's Rockestra includes Aidan Drakard, David Loewe, Mikaela, Moira, Martina, Kersten Graham, Kevin Paul, Kenneth, Matthew James, Klinsmann, Raquela, Chris Grech, Peter Grech, Frank Calleja, Lara Dimech, Brooke Borg, and Pawlu Borg Bonaci.

Tickets for Rockestra 2023 are available for purchase on with early bird tickets till August 18th.

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