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Sowing The Seeds Of Love / Chanelle Fenech debuts with Feel / Rock 'N' Malta 2024

Kapitlu 13 new song 'Żerriegħa ta’ Mħabba' with violinist Maria Cini

On Friday, 14th July, Kapitlu 13 and violinist Maria Cini presented an original rap-style song, titled "Żerriegħa ta’ Mħabba" (Seeds of Love), which is related to the Feast of the Doctrine in Ħal Tarxien. The performance took place during a unique show. Additionally, on Saturday, 15th July, there was an air and ground fireworks display, followed by a procession on Sunday morning, featuring the devoted statue of the Madonna of the Doctrine.

In a statement, Ian Massa, the Secretary of the Youth Section & Doctrine Followers, emphasized the intensive work that went into creating this song, including efforts to produce a music video featuring various Doctrine followers of all ages.

The song "Żerriegħa ta’ Mħabba" tells the story of a lesser-known tradition of a small winter feast, which has now evolved into a multi-day celebration, with society embracing all external festivities, including the casino and warehouse, both owned by the same society. The song also addresses the fire that broke out during this feast, destroying the float and the band that had been formed a few weeks prior.

Mr. Massa dedicated the song to past, present, and future Doctrine followers who, with courage and determination, have strived and will continue to strive to maintain the stability of this feast in Ħal Tarxien.

He mentioned that this song is the first of its kind, written by Kapitlu 13, and it pays tribute to Doctrine followers and their patroness, the Madonna of the Doctrine.

Watch song video here.

Chanelle Fenech debuts with a song called 'Feels'

Chanelle Fenech, a talented 17-year-old emerging artist, has made her debut with a captivating song titled 'Feels.' This summer anthem narrates the story of a girl who develops feelings for a boy, only to find that he doesn't reciprocate her emotions. However, as the song progresses, with the support of her friends, she manages to overcome this "obsession" and discovers the importance of self-love and self-worth, realizing that these qualities are invaluable.

Chanelle Fenech has already made waves in the music scene, having participated and performed in numerous events, most notably on Malta's Got Talent. During the first season of the show, she wowed the judges as a solo act, making it through to the judge's cuts. Later, she had the opportunity to re-participate in the second season of the show, this time with a choir called La Voix Harmonies. Their incredible talent and performance led them to receive Valentina Rossi's golden buzzer, propelling them all the way to the live shows and eventually reaching the final.

Now, Chanelle is taking her artistic journey to the next level by exploring songwriting and experimenting with different musical genres. She firmly believes that 'Feels' is a significant step towards achieving her ultimate goal of becoming an established artist. With her undeniable talent and determination, it's evident that Chanelle Fenech is destined for a bright and successful future in the music industry. Song video can be viewed here.

Minister Launches Rock’N Malta 2024: Financial Support for Rock Music Artists and Producers

Minister Owen Bonnici, responsible for National Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government, has officially launched the call for applications for Rock’N Malta 2024. This program aims to provide financial assistance to artists and concert producers in the rock music genre and its subgenres.

Minister Bonnici highlighted that the initiative, introduced in 2017, has gained significant popularity among local organizers and producers. Thanks to the support from these funds, they have successfully organized concerts featuring both local artists and renowned international acts such as Lordi, Barclay James Harvest, Dream Theatre, Krokus, Steve Hackett, and more.

Chairman Aaron Zahra of Festivals Malta expressed that Rock’N Malta offers an opportunity to explore a different music strand not typically targeted by their main festivals. The initiative also aligns with the agency's main goal of providing platforms for local artists to showcase their talents. Zahra encouraged organizers, promoters, and artists to submit their applications and take advantage of this fund.

Francis Agius, CEO of Festivals Malta, added that Rock’N Malta allows them to further support local artists, organizers, and promoters, particularly within the rock music scene. The genre's popularity in the region is evident from the overwhelming turnout and sold-out events that are part of Rock’N Malta.

For Rock’N Malta 2024, a total budget of €300,000 has been allocated. Interested parties can apply for the funds until noon on Friday, 15th September 2023. Those wishing to apply can find more information at

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