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Strummin' Foundation Press-release

Strummin announces the celebratory 20th anniversary concert — 20 Years of Gold

Strummin’ Foundation, during their Annual General Meeting, has unveiled the theme for their 20th anniversary concert. Named ‘20 Years of Gold’, the concert will be looking back at the past 20 editions of the concert — held since 2002 — celebrating the positive impact the experience has left in people’s lives. In the run up to the concert, the Foundation will be sharing the playlists from the past 19 concerts, highlighting the beneficiaries that Strummin’ has collaborated with during the years.

The artwork, developed by DNA, brings the guitar and strings to the forefront. The 100 strings surrounding the guitar’s sound hole represent the participants’ guitar strings during the last 20 editions. The play between gold and the different colours of the light spectrum, are symbolic of the cast members’ characters, backgrounds and personalities that come together for a common good.

Strummin’ 20 Years of Gold will be held at St Agatha’s Auditorium in Rabat on the 8th and 9th November 2024. All proceeds will be donated to Dr Klown. Tickets will be made available in mid-Summer 2024.


Singer Applications open until 7 June

It’s that exciting time of year again! Time to get ready and showcase your talent, because auditions for the Strummin’ 2024 concert are just around the corner! Calling all singers! Your moment to shine is coming up, so prepare to impress!

Backing Vocalist registration closes on 30 May 2024.

Guitarists will be called to apply in June 2024.


Upcoming Events JUNE 2024

  • 7 June: Deadline for Singers to apply for 2024 concert

  • 15 June: Beneficiary Night

  • Mid-June: Call for guitarists to apply for 2024 concert

  • 18, 20 June: Call backs for Singer soloists

Copyright (C) 2024 Strummin' Foundation. All rights reserved.

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