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'The Collector’ Honoured, William Smith’s Mastery, Explicit’s New Drummer, & Young Prodigy Ilyas Ige Sultana.

‘The Collector’ Music Video Receives “Honorable Mention” at the Berlin Music Video Awards

photo: Ġużè Camilleri

In a thrilling achievement for the band Weeping Silence, the music video for ‘The Collector’ from their latest album 𝗜𝗦𝗟𝗘𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗟𝗢𝗥𝗘 has been awarded an “Honorable Mention” at the prestigious Berlin Music Video Awards 2024. This captivating video draws inspiration from the Maltese folklore character “Ċensa l-Mewt” - a spectral female entity cloaked in an “ghonnella” who gathers souls at life’s end.

The band’s drummer, Julian Mallia, not only directed but also conceptualized and storyboarded this visually arresting narrative. His creative vision was brought to life with the expertise of seasoned video creator Cedric Vella (Ched Rick), who managed the filming, editing, and visual effects. This collaborative effort also featured the talent of veteran Maltese actors Mikhail Basmadjian as the male protagonist and Sandra Davis embodying Death (Ċensa l-Mewt). The stunning makeup was crafted by Violet Vella.

Despite being produced on a shoestring budget, ‘The Collector’ was a labor of love, with all band members and collaborators maximizing the limited resources at their disposal. The recognition at the Berlin Music Video Awards is a modest yet significant validation from impartial judges who acknowledged the value of this intensive creative endeavor.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support from our record label, ViciSolum Productions, the Ministry for the National Heritage, The Arts & Local Government, and everyone who contributed to bringing this narrative to life,” the band commented. “Despite many challenges, we’re proud to export a piece of Maltese metal and stylized folklore overseas.”

For those eager to experience this artistic fusion of music and folklore, the music video and full credits can be viewed here. Additionally, behind-the-scenes photos by Ġużè Camilleri offer a glimpse into the making of this remarkable project.

William Smith Earns Master of Music in Jazz Drums from Manhattan School of Music

Photo by Joseph P Smith

William Smith, has recently graduated with a Master of Music degree in jazz drums from the renowned Manhattan School of Music in New York. During his studies, Smith had the privilege of learning from esteemed musicians and educators such as Kendrick Scott, John Riley, Buster Williams, Marc Cary, and Christopher Rosenberg.

Throughout his time at the Manhattan School of Music, Smith showcased his skills in various high-profile performances. Notably, he played at Dizzy’s Club with the MSM Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Darcy James Argue, sharing the stage with acclaimed trumpet player Ingrid Jensen and saxophonist Melissa Aldana. Smith also performed alongside emerging talents in the New York jazz scene, including the exceptional trombonist Marty Scott.

Smith's graduate recital was a significant milestone, featuring mostly new original compositions as well as pieces from his debut album, "Nomad," and a work by his musical idol, Thelonious Monk. His recital ensemble included Joey Curreri on trumpet, Conway Campbell Jr. on bass, and David Van Der Grinten on piano.

Released in July 2022, Smith's debut album "Nomad" is a collection of six original compositions crafted during his bachelor’s degree studies in jazz drums in the Netherlands from 2017 to 2021. The album serves as an auditory journal, capturing the experiences of a young man from a Mediterranean island navigating his journey abroad to pursue his musical aspirations. "Nomad" reflects Smith's feelings of loneliness, self-doubt, and homesickness, as well as his opportunities for personal and artistic growth.

Smith’s decision to produce "Nomad" was influenced by the positive reception of his compositions during his final recital at the HKU Conservatory in Utrecht. Encouraged by his tutors' praise, he decided to turn these pieces into a recorded album. The album features performances by three musicians and friends he met in the Netherlands: Prashant Samlal on electric guitar, Murat Ali Cengiz on piano, and Jonathan Ho Chin Kiat on double bass.

In August 2023, Smith embarked on a new chapter, relocating to the United States to pursue his master’s degree in jazz drums at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, following a successful audition. His studies were supported by the Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme and the Bank of Valletta Joseph Calleja Foundation, which facilitated his musical journey abroad.

William Smith's achievements mark a significant step in his musical career, highlighting his dedication, talent, and the broad support that has enabled his growth as a jazz musician on the international stage.

Explicit Welcomes New Drummer Carlo Cranmer

Carlo Cranmer. photo: Facebook

Explicit has announced the addition of Carlo Cranmer as their new drummer. This marks an exciting new chapter for the band, known for their electrifying performances and hard-hitting tracks.

Carlo Cranmer is no stranger to the local rock scene. Since 2019, he has been the dynamic frontman for From Sheeps To Wolves, a band that has earned a loyal following and critical acclaim. His transition to Explicit promises to bring a fresh energy and perspective to the group.

The band took to social media to share the news, urging fans to stay tuned for updates on their official Facebook page. "Watch out for news on our FB page. Preparing for another gig plus new music releases," the post read, hinting at exciting developments in the pipeline.

Explicit has a reputation for pushing boundaries with their music, and Carlo's addition is expected to enhance their creative output. Fans are eagerly anticipating their next performance, as well as the new music that the band is working on.

Young Prodigy Ilyas Ige Sultana to Perform with Baritone Charles Buttigieg in Gozo

In a remarkable event set to enchant music lovers, ten-year-old musical prodigy Ilyas Ige Sultana will join renowned baritone Charles Buttigieg on stage for a captivating evening of opera and classic Maltese and Neapolitan music. The performance will take place on the 6th of July in Gozo's picturesque town Santa Lucija.

Ilyas Ige Sultana, despite his young age, has already established himself as a notable talent in the local music scene. His most recent accomplishment includes his role as Nello in Joseph Vella’s "Valeriana - The Titan’s Rock," which received widespread acclaim. Ilyas's exceptional talent and passion for music promise to add a special touch to this highly anticipated event.

The concert will feature a delightful selection of operatic pieces and beloved Maltese and Neapolitan classics, promising an unforgettable experience for attendees. The idyllic setting of Santa Lucija square will serve as the perfect backdrop for this enchanting evening under the stars.

This event is organized by the Cultural Heritage Directorate, Ministry for Gozo and Planning, highlighting their commitment to promoting cultural and artistic events in the region. It offers a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy world-class performances free of charge.

To reserve your free seat, call 22100152 or email



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