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The Rockit Experience / Zabbeth enrols Zain / Decline The Fall disband / Aid to Displaced Musicians

An Unmissable Concert Experience: The ROCKIT Experience

The St. Paul Metropolitan Orchestra, in collaboration with Oblique Visions, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking concert that promises to be an unforgettable musical journey. The event, titled "The ROCKIT Experience," will feature a unique fusion of orchestral music and doom-death metal, drawing inspiration from Oblique Visions' latest album, "Out of Darkness."

Opening the evening will be none other than Malta's own progressive rock maestros, Viper Soup Complex, known for their innovative and captivating performances.

Date: 26th September 2024

Venue: Sir Temi Zammit Hall

Time: 19:30

Don't miss this extraordinary blend of musical genres. Tickets are available now through

Zain Gauci Joins Chaos for ZABBETH/VAULDERIE Split Release

photo: Rachel Mifsud

Chaos (Sean Attard) has announced an exciting collaboration for the upcoming ZABBETH/VAULDERIE split release, enlisting the talents of multi-instrumentalist Zain Gauci, also known as Saint Vermin, on drums. Gauci, renowned for his versatility across guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, brings a dynamic edge to this project.

Primarily a guitarist, Gauci plays with Halcyon, Pilgrimage, Horned Majesty, and his solo endeavor, Saint Vermin. Despite his primary focus on guitar, Gauci's drumming skills shine on Zabbeth's side of the split album, providing a robust backbone that elevates the music.

At just 18 years old, Gauci's proficiency and energetic performance are impressive. His contribution to this release is sure to resonate with fans and newcomers alike.

The ZABBETH/VAULDERIE split will be available on CD starting June 24th and on LP from July 24th via Witches Brew. Pre-orders can be made through Witches Brew's Bandcamp and webshop.

Don't miss out on Gauci's diverse array of bands and projects—each one is guaranteed to get your head banging!

Decline The Fall Announces Disbandment After Nearly a Decade

In a heartfelt post on their social media pages, Decline The Fall has announced their decision to disband after nearly a decade of making music. The announcement, penned by band members John and Ehren, conveyed the emotional difficulty of this decision.

"Time to break the silence... It's hard to put everything we're feeling into words, especially into this one post, but it's been a long time coming. There's no easy way to say this, but after a lot of thought and consideration, we've decided to put the band to rest," the post began.

The band expressed that the intense effort poured into their music over the past ten years had, over the last year, begun to feel burdensome. Despite their pride in their achievements, the harsh realities of the music industry took a toll on their personal lives, prompting them to reconsider their priorities.

"We feel like we were still far away from what we dreamed of achieving as the more we worked, the more we learned about the problems in the music industry and how ruthless it really is. Though we are proud of our accomplishments, we were slowly realizing that this was leaving a negative impact on our personal lives which helped us understand the need to shift our priorities," the post continued.

Decline The Fall also expressed gratitude for the opportunities they had to share the stage with talented musicians, forge new friendships, and travel extensively. They thanked their supporters, stating, "We truly appreciate everyone who kept pushing and supporting us as without you, we couldn't have made it this far. We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you understand that this was the hardest decision we've ever had to make."

The band concluded with a shout-out to everyone who has been part of their journey, saying they will cherish the music and memories forever. "We hope that following us was worthwhile and that you will never forget us, as we will surely never forget you and the amazing memories you were all part of."

Fans are left with a poignant farewell from John and Ehren, who signed off with "Goodbye for now."

Decline The Fall's disbandment marks the end of an era for the band and their fans, leaving behind a legacy of music and cherished memories.

Arts Council Malta to Provide Financial Aid to Displaced Musicians in Birkirkara

In response to the recent displacement of musicians from their rehearsal spaces in Birkirkara, Arts Council Malta (ACM) has announced a comprehensive support initiative. The council confirmed that it will provide financial assistance to all affected musicians following extensive discussions with officials from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, the Arts and Local Government (MHAL), and representatives of the displaced bands.

ACM’s commitment to supporting Malta's musicians and bands is evident in its proactive approach to this crisis. The eviction from privately owned spaces in ex-Rampol, Birkirkara has disrupted rehearsal routines and imposed significant financial burdens on the musicians. Addressing these issues promptly is crucial to prevent long-term negative impacts on their careers.

To alleviate immediate financial hardships, ACM will offer subsidies amounting to €1,500 for the first year, followed by an additional €600 for each of the next two years. This support package, totaling €2,700 per unit over three years, is designed to offset the increased costs associated with securing new rehearsal spaces, including rent, utilities, soundproofing, and maintenance. By reducing these financial strains, the support will enable bands to concentrate on their music, ensuring a smoother and more stable transition.

ACM Executive Chairman Albert Marshall emphasized the council's swift response to the crisis, stating: “Arts Council Malta understands the importance of investing in the alternative music sector and believes that musicians in this sector should benefit from public funding schemes. Their experimentation and creativity significantly contribute to the growth of the alternative Maltese and Gozitan music scene.”

The displacement has affected a substantial number of artists, with 25 bands and musicians either having received eviction notices or already vacated their spaces. The government’s decision to subsidize all affected bands is a crucial step. This financial assistance will cover the new costs for those who have found alternative spaces and ease the relocation process for those soon to be displaced. Given that bands previously paid €800-€900 per year, a €1,500 subsidy represents significant support, covering approximately two years of their original expenses.

The assistance will be provided through a strategic initiative titled the Ex-Rampol, Birkirkara Bands (One-Time) Support Scheme, with two scheduled calls in June and September 2024. This support will be awarded based on eligibility, ensuring that all current space users benefit. A consultation process will also be conducted with the affected musicians in line with the principles of participatory governance outlined in Strategy 2025. An evaluation research process will follow the pilot program's release to assess its effectiveness.

This initiative underscores ACM’s dedication to ensuring the longevity and sustainability of Malta’s vibrant music scene, providing much-needed stability and confidence to the displaced musicians during this challenging period.

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