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The Travellers Press-release


‘Tridx Tkun Tiegħi Dan il-Milied? - (feat. Ira Losco, Gianluca & Michela)’

The Travellers have just released a christmas single titled “Tridx Tkun Tiegħi Dan il-Milied? (feat. Ira Losco, Gianluca & Michela)” with its music video released on 04-12-23.

Christmas weaves a magic spell of warmth, bringing hearts closer in a celebration of kindness and generosity. It's a season to cherish connections, to share heartfelt laughter and create precious memories with those we hold dear.

A time when selflessness shines brightest, when romance sparkles anew, and when we embrace the promise of fresh starts.

Christmas embodies love; it is the essence of friendship. Embracing this spirit, The Travellers proudly present "Tridx Tkun Tiegħi Dan il-Milied" — a festive tribute with our beloved Ira Losco, Michela, and Gianluca.

Wishing everyone a Christmas resonating with joy and friendship!

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