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Tryst Arcane - 'Lura' (press release)

The concept - LURA

While the album (Sun of Other Days) is characterised by interrelated, loose and lengthy songs, LURA is composed on a relatively conventional song structure. This song is not only different in the way that it’s composed, but it’s also the only track on the album to be sung entirely in the Maltese band’s native language. LURA serves as an outro track which is rather an extension of the central narrative and conceptualised music found in the other album tracks.

For the duo and their guest guitarist Emanuel, the island’s seashore was part of their childhood’s daily panorama where every family would have their favourite spot by the sea, and where memories of their youth belong. It came natural for the band to be inspired to write music which represents a typical Maltese summer of their youth and setting it as its core theme for this album.

LURA with its accompanying moving music video (to feature on the band's Youtube channel from noon 24th June), reminisces about childhood summer days spent with friends and loved ones who are no longer with us. This song is homaging their memory while expressing deeply the wish to meet again by living a space-time shift, like a magical journey with the hope to actively relive the experience of moments now only found stored in our memories. The lyrics were written by Alexia and Luciano Schembri who both lost their respective brothers who passed on before their time.

The composition - LURA (6:30mins)

LURA’s slow guitar arpeggios’ intro is followed by a calm synth and soft-spoken singing verse. The song gradually builds up a dreamy rise that uses its beginning guitar melody and the steady piano rhythm/pulses as its outline throughout. The warm, yet ominous guitar solo in the mid-part of the song, intensifies the sense of the Mediterranean vastness which is an element that ties this track to the rest of the album. Towards the end, all the melodies swell to an enchanting climax. The intertwined synth textures and guitar melodies, along with soaring chants, deliver the feeling of dreaminess or even a floating-through-space sensation. The final sombre piano note sends off this cathartic crescendo.

LURA was released today, 23rd June, 2023, via the esteemed website, Echoes and Dust - and is also available on all online platforms.

Sun of Other Days is set to be released later on.


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