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New Forces at Metaldays Press Release

We are a global Metal community that empowers emerging bands with the opportunity to showcase their talent and connect with a global Metal audience.

Exciting New Forces news for 2024!

Get ready for the New Forces contest, hitting the stages in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, France, Croatia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Malta, and Greece!

Bands from these countries, this is your time to shine! But hey, if you're from another corner of the globe, you're more than welcome to apply.

Interested in being part of the action? Apply now until 25.12.2023 at the Registration page:

While we can't promise new additions for 2024, we're planning to expand to more countries in 2025 and beyond. Your chance is on the horizon!

But that’s not all; We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new New Forces website:! Your go-to hub for all things New Forces.

Explore the Promoters section to discover the countries on board for 2024 and meet the dedicated promoters behind the scenes:

Want to represent New Forces in your country? Let us know by applying on the registration page:

For all you New Forces supporters, don't miss out on the latest updates – register for our newsletter:

Join the force at New Forces!

MetalDays with New Forces has a long-standing tradition of supporting newcomer bands in their career, because we believe that newcomer bands are the ones that are most important for a healthy Metal community and its future. We've always had an ear for bands that deserve more recognition. For example, Alien Weaponry played their first concert at a major festival at none other than MetalDays. We were never afraid to give bands that we thought deserved high slots to show themselves to a large audience. We believe in you, and that's why we put a lot of energy into New Forces.

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