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Zabbeth on vinyl / New singles by Different Minds, Bruce Samut, Aidan Somers & Behold The Wolves

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Just 8 months after the initial CD release, ZABBETH will now also be available on VINYL!! in a limited number.

A launch party for this occasion shall be held at Kickstart Rock Bar on Sunday 30th April.

Other merch such as CDs, T-Shirts, and Patches will be available at the event with bundle offers to be announced soon!

Autism awareness in new single by Different Minds and other fresh singles

April is the autism awareness month and local band Different Minds launched their new single ‘Different Not Less’ about this theme. Lyrics emphasize for more awareness about the abilities of autistic individuals and the importance to integrate them by offering them opportunities in life.

The lyrics of the song were written by the band’s acoustic guitarrist Jason and his daughter Nicole Mizzi. Music by the singer Robert G and musical arrangements from the other band members – Elton Abela on piano, Godwin Debono on bass guitar, Jeff Hailey on electric guitar and Julio Guintero on drums. Production by Cyprian Cassar.

‘Different Not Lesss’ is the sixth single from Different Minds in recent years with the most popular amongst them are ‘Across the Borderline’ and ‘Helping Hand’. The band can be followed by liking their FB page – Different Minds Malta. Check the song here.

Aidan Somers, a diverse artist and producer from Malta has just released his debut single titled ‘Alone’ His work showcases a variety of influences which broadly range from ambient to emotive, as well as melancholic and electronic music. Whether it's composing as 'Aidan Somers' or 'Alias 1' his electronic project, both have gained traction in the local and international scene, with releases on several record labels and working with established local artists.

‘Alone’ can be listened here

Another new track is called Drilly, delivered by Bruce Samut who composed and sang with backing band made up of David Cassar Torreggiani on guitars, Antoine Tonna on bass and Patrick Camilleri on drums with both music and video production by David Depasquale at SpineSplitter Studio and can be heard here.

Behold The Wolves is a one-man band from Malta specialising in industrial metal with a tint of progressive. In May 2020 his single ‘Fallin’’ appeared on Spotify with ‘Gone’ following it on 27th November 2021. His third single emerged on 29th March 2023, it’s called ‘In-Nofs’ and as the previous songs was released on 1865065 Records DK. As one can guess from the title the song is in Maltese. 'In-Nofs' is on spotify

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