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Zabbeth - press release

Zabbeth's debut rereleased on tape as an ultra-limited run via Chaos & Hell Productions

To mark the one year anniversary of their highly acclaimed LP release, Zabbeth's self-titled debut album has been treated to a cassette tape re-release through Chaos & Hell Productions from Greece with a special run of only 66 copies!

This time round, the album gets a new look featuring yellow cassette casing and a 5-panel gloss finished J-card printed on both sides. This 5 panel print allowed for a larger font to be used and every panel is dedicated to it's own song!

Featuring 8 songs of relentless aggression sandwiched between two atmospheric instrumental intro/outro, the production was entirely taken care of by Sean "Chaos" Attard, from recording all the instruments and vocals, mixing, mastering to the artwork and layout of all pressings.

Paul Formosa of Sonic Storm and Ascendor fame, played drums giving a powerfully solid performace throughout all the tracks.

The mind behind this project, Sean "Chaos" Attard, stated "For those less familiar with Zabbeth, this project is pure Bathory worship, and in this specific release, Bathory's self titled release, trying to emulate that dark and evil feeling from the yellow goat album of 1984!"

Zabbeth's self-titled debut was originally released in CD format on the 7th of August 2022 through Witches Brew, the renowned German underground label responsible for discovering important acts such as Toxic Holocaust, Gama Bomb, Insulter, Rapture and Deathhammer, amongst others (some of which will sound familiar as they have blessed our shores with their electrifying performances).

The album was subsequently released in 2023 as a limited run of 50 cassette tapes via Rat Covenant from Germany, and later that year in LP format via Witches Brew.

All formats are now available for sale from Zabbeth's Bandcamp portal alongside merchandise like T-shirts, Longsleeves and patches.

Available until stocks last, get yours as soon as you can as they are already running low in stock!

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