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Zero Infinity launched / Gozitan band info / Ghanja tal-Poplu finalists / News In Brief...

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Kill The Action pre-saved single now available

Kill The Action is an electronic rock band, famous for their energetic live shows. While the band is in full preparation for their EP launch in the coming weeks, the band released a new single (previously on pre-save) titled 'Zero Infinity' which can be viewed here.

New face on the three hills

Unfortunately today's debut EP launch of this Gozitan band had to be postponed due to bad weather and whilst we wait for a new date here's some information about Krejon:

Mario and Manuel, brothers and guitarists, are the original members and founders of the band. They drew inspiration from instrumental guitar music and embarked on a journey of writing instrumental pieces and songs together. As their repertoire grew, Christopher became a valuable addition to the band, initially as a percussionist and later as the drummer. Subsequently, Alan joined the group, filling the role of the bassist. Thus, in mid-2021, the band solidified into a four-piece ensemble. Their inaugural performance took place in December of the same year. Following a series of successful gigs, the band contemplated diversifying their sound by incorporating additional instruments. Several months later, keyboardist Steve joined Krejon, completing the lineup.

Ghanja Tal-Poplu 2023 finalists

On Tuesday 16th May, the Finalists of the L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2023 were announced on the festival's Facebook page, (list below)

Song – Singer/s (Author, Composer)

  • Ġenn Ż – JAMM Band (Christopher Abela Mizzi u Mark Cachia)

  • Għadu Ma Sarx – Kelsey Bellante (Lon Kirkop)

  • Għal Xejn – Jodi Zerafa Heckenlaible (Ian Zerafa)

  • Il-Baħħ u Jien – Christian Arding (Natasha Grima, Natasha Grima u Charlene Grech)

  • Il-Perfezzjoni Illużjoni – Audrienne Fenech (Emil Calleja Bayliss u Audrienne Fenech, Cyprian Cassar)

  • Katina – Laura Bruno (Paul Ellul, Mark Spiteri Lucas)

  • Kelma Bejn Tnejn – Joseph Refalo (Joe Julian Farrugia, Pamela Bezzina)

  • Kreattività tal-Pastizzi – Kapitlu Tlettax u Grecia Bezzina (Emil Calleja Bayliss u Kapitlu Tlettax, Kapitlu Tlettax)

  • Maltija – Kayley Cuschieri (Joe Julian Farrugia, Philip Vella)

  • Meravilja – Mark Spiteri Lucas u Debbie Scerri (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Mark Spiteri Lucas)

  • Mhix Imħabba – Charlene Rae Muscat (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Mark Spiteri Lucas)

  • Mitlufin – Janelle Rapa (Mark Cachia, Glen Vella)

  • Monokrom – Jean Claude Vancell (Jean Claude Vancell)

  • Naħdmu Flimkien – Walter Micallef u Philip Vella (Walter Micallef, Philip Vella)

  • O Zmien Ħlejju – Xelin (Etienne Micallef, Dominic Cini)

  • X’Għarukaża – Graziella u Kirsten Mifsud Schembri Vella (Etienne Micallef, Priscilla Giordano Psaila)

This festival is organized by the voluntary association L-Għanja tal-Poplu in collaboration with the Malta Concert Orchestra and Pjazza Teatru Rjal. L-Għanja tal-Poplu is supported by the Malta Arts Council. More info can be found on the festival's website

News In Brief

  • Sludge/stoner band Lady Lizard have just wraped up recording their debut full length album, which follows their self-titled EP released in October 2018. Recordings were done at Cornerhouse studios with Daniel Bezzina (Slit / A Broken Design) and Luke Grech (Relikc).

More info regarding release and gigs in the days to come.

  • In the meantime Luke has also just released tunes under the moniker Greck:

'Avocado Macchiato' feat. Rob Chapman can be viewed here while Garden Groove can be seen here.

  • On Friday 19th May The Areola Treat released yet another new song titled 'Deserter', which can be listened here.

A fun-loving punk rock/garage rock anthem. Rhythmic bass, distorted guitars, female vocals that remind one of Siouxsie Sioux and inspired by The Saints. Having a penchant for destruction, our clumsy subject is both a mascot for freedom and a loser in the modern world. But the deserter is set to be ahead of the game.

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