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Brotherhood [DVD-BluRay]

Brotherhood [DVD-BluRay]


Brotherhood: A Story of Metal in Malta

Embark on a journey through the underground metal scene of the Maltese Islands.


This feature length documentary explores one of Malta’s most engaging underground music scenes: the extreme metal community. Through interviews with established and emerging talent, it sheds light on a long-standing and thriving sub-culture whose presence is often perceived as antagonistic to the local mainstream.


Featuring interviews with some of Malta’s most renowned acts – including Beheaded, Forsaken, Loathe and Martyrium – as well as emerging bands like Align the Tide and Krishna, Brotherhood: A Story of Metal in Malta, gives us a first-hand and in-depth look at what it’s like to live and love extreme metal on our shores. Whether you’re a long-time metalhead, a newcomer to the genre in search of your style, or a curious soul who’s open to this world full of epic sound and mythic themes, then this documentary is calling you home!


Watch the trailer here


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