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Cuff Leather Bracelet | Nomad Son

Cuff Leather Bracelet | Nomad Son


Cuff Leather bracelet in 3 different colours


Immerse in the rugged charm of these cuff leather bracelets, designed to echo the indelible spirit of Nomad Son.


Available in three distinct shades: light brown, dark brown, and black, each bracelet tells a story of its own. The light brown and black variants showcase the evocative Nomad Son cross, a symbol synonymous with the band's profound musical narrative. On the other hand, the dark brown variant becomes a canvas for the band's logo name, debossed meticulously in the leather, emanating an aura of subtle sophistication. Each color option, with its individual emblem, forms a perfect union of rustic allure and contemporary design, resonating with the timeless ethos of Nomad Son.

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