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Deus Volt [CD] | Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus

Deus Volt [CD] | Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus


Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus debut album released in 2014

Malta's most seasoned doom monger Albert Bell of FORSAKEN and NOMAD SON fame strikes with his first solo album (handling bass, guitar and vocals), that may surprise those who know him only from his epic and traditional doom bands. Here his darker and more extreme metal inspirations come to the fore: SACRO SANCTUS' debut brings arcane heavy doom, steeped in the primeval sounds and atmosphere of the early black/thrash metal. Imagine TÖRR, NEMESIS, later ZEMIAL, early CELTIC FROST, MORTUARY DRAPE, early DEATH SS and PAUL CHAIN, VARATHRON, VENOM, epic-era BATHORY and SAINT VITUS, all put in one cauldron. Lyrically, "Deus Volt" is a concept album, drawing from both myth and historical fact, and telling a compelling story about crusader incursions. It emanates from a mind that remains obsessed and entrenched in the path of olde, and is intended for the discerning and elite old schoolers. No sludge, no goth, no stoner, no post anything! Only doom with a heavy dose of true metal in its pristine hues!

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