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Sword of Fierbois [CD] | Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus

Sword of Fierbois [CD] | Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus


Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus fourth album released in 2022

Malta's merciless metal riff machine Albert Bell returns with his fourth solo album under the now well-established helm of SACRO SANCTUS. It sees Albert burrowing through the chronicles of the European Middle Ages once more, charting how diverse seminal historical personages secured victory against seemingly insurmountable odds with the assistance of the mythical Sword of Fierbois. Joined again by Steve Lombardo on drums, Albert handles vocals, bass and guitar duties, creating a 66-minute soundscape that sups voraciously from a searing old school metal brew with strong nods to VENOM, MOTORHEAD, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, BLACK SABBATH, PAGAN ALTAR and other old metal heroes. Moreover, this time Albert is joined by 24 guests including Jeff "Mantas" Dunn (Venom Inc.), Alan Jones (Pagan Altar), John Gallo (Orodruin), Francesco Sozzi (Dark Quarterer), Marcus Jidell (Avatarium, The Doomsday Kingdom, Candlemass) and most of his Forsaken and Nomad Son bandmates to create this unbridled and primal heavy metal album of epic proportions that will force naysayers to crouch, cuddle and whimper in a corner. Meanwhile, old-schoolers - fear not! For the Sword is fast at hand!

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