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Noogie's Crew

Noogie’s Crew was the dream of Nigel ‘Noogie’ Buttigieg, who at the age of sixteen, wanted to form a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band with the intention of providing the rock scene a different sound, a sound that merged old school rock melodies and riffs with the rougher edges of modern metal.  So when Noogie, on guitars and lead vocals, was joined by Charles Buttigieg and drummer Mario Dalli, they hit the ground running writing songs for Noogie’s Crew.

Initially they perfomed as a trio, but in 2011 they were joined by guitarist Clive Brincat, playing at available musical venues on the Maltese islands.  Another differnet thing in Noogie’s Crew was that both Charles and Mario did backing vocals to support Noogie in creating a differnet sound. 

In 2012, when Clive left the band, Noogie decided to concentrate more on his other venture, Infinite Loop.  Noogie’s Crew took form again in 2017 ,  initially again as the original trio, when the first self-titled EP Noogie’s Crew, was recorded. In 2017 the band was joined by David Cassar Torreggiani on lead guitar, particpating in festivals, one of which was headlined by Blaze Bailey at the Orpheum in Gzira. 

When David Cassar Torrgiani decided to move on, Jonathan Camilleri joined the crew.  With the inclusion of Jonathan, the band continued to improve its song writing abilites and gig performances. In 2019 the band supported Dee Snider, Kryptos and Kiss Forever.  

2019 was also the year when Noogie’s Crew launched a full album entitled ‘ Till Dark Returns’. This was an album that had something to offer to all types of metalheads; classic rock sounds, headbanging riffs plus speed, tightness, power and melody.  An album that was given rave reviews by foreign rock magazines and podcasts. 

Noogie’s Crew did their last gig on 30th October 2021, when Noogie and Jonathan both separately decided to continue their musical life in different form.

Band Members


Mario Dalli


Charles Buttigieg

Vocals, Guitars

Nigel 'Noogie' Buttigieg


Jonathan Camilleri



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