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Rising Sunset

RISING SUNSET is a symphonic blackened death metal band hailing from the island nation of Malta, founded by Carlo Calamatta in 2001. The band is known for their unique blend of brutal and melodic riffs, orchestration, and intricate songwriting that takes listeners on a journey through mysticism, divinity, and the profoundness of life.
RISING SUNSET released their debut EP, RHEMA, in 2006, showcasing their commitment to delivering a meaningful message through their music. In 2012, the band released their first full-length album, EQUINOX, which was widely regarded as a milestone in symphonic power metal. With EQUINOX, RISING SUNSET found the perfect balance between symphony and metal, cementing their place in the Maltese metal scene.

After the release of EQUINOX, the band underwent a major lineup change and shifted their musical style to symphonic gothic metal. With their third release, DECRETUM, RISING SUNSET demonstrated their ability to deliver powerful guitar riffs, darker lyrics, and the introduction of male growls. DECRETUM was another successful album for the band and an important stepping stone in their evolution.

In 2020, RISING SUNSET released their latest album, DE MYESTERIUM TENEBRIS, which represents a matured genre that has evolved to symphonic blackened death metal. The album takes listeners on a dark, apocalyptic, and prophetic journey through brutal, black, and death metal riffs, melancholic melodies, growls and screams, solid drumming, and elaborate songwriting. DE MYESTERIUM TENEBRIS is akin to the 'Book of Revelation,' offering a glimpse into the stages of metamorphosis that will happen on Earth as the souls of humanity align with the supreme being or are condemned for eternity.

The band's lineup includes Carlo Calamatta on rhythm and solo guitars, death growls, and drum compositions; Joseph Camilleri on rhythm guitars and black metal scream vocals; Clifford Smith on bass, and Ian Spiteri on keyboards. RISING SUNSET is signed to WormHole Death, a record label known for supporting underground and independent metal bands.

RISING SUNSET's commitment to delivering a meaningful message through their music, their unique blend of symphony and metal, and their willingness to evolve and experiment with different styles have made them one of the most respected metal bands in Malta and beyond. With their latest album, DE MYESTERIUM TENEBRIS, RISING SUNSET continues to push the boundaries of symphonic blackened death metal and offers listeners a glimpse into the mysticism and divinity that inspired their music.

Band Members


Ian Spiteri

Vocals, Guitars

Joseph Camilleri

Vocals, Guitars

Carlo Calamatta


Clifford Smith



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