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Tryst Arcane

Tryst Arcane is a duo from Malta, formed by Alexia (vocals – Memento Nostri) and Julian (keys -Nomad Son). Taking Alexia’s ethereal vocals and layering them over haunting cinematic soundscapes, organ sounds or brooding piano riffs, the duo strikes a deviant balance between traditional song standards and music that you’d find accompanying a dramatic moment on screen.

‘Minimal Dark’ is a term that the duo coined for this genre of music that is particularly pronounced in their debut album, AUTUMN. Being it shorn of percussive instruments but rather composed of only two elements, that of keys and vox, this album is imbued with a solemn dreaminess and serenity.

The Tryst Arcane project was reimagined with the introduction of the 3rd element which will be featuring in their upcoming album, Sun of Other Days. Their return sees an alliance with Emanuel Portelli ( Victims of Creation, Hemplifier) and his Mediterranean-inspired guitar tunes which led to conceptualise their compositions as an extended version of their minimalistic approach. While Julian’s synths hover over prog/post and space rock territories, the lyrics and chants transpire from a deep nostalgic place within a mystical atmosphere and metaphorical parallelism with science fiction’s time and space travel.

Tryst Arcane have composed 35 minutes of conceptual and heterodox music that seamlessly entwines their various influences into an immersive experience that represents their artistic expression.

“Music creation of our like will find a place in the hearts of a niche audience who feel the honesty that is within it and absorb what they need at that moment from it.”  –  Tryst Arcane

Band Members


Julian Grech


Alexia Baldacchino



Autumn [CD] | Tryst Arcane

Autumn [Vinyl] (Graphite Limited Edition) | Tryst Arcane

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