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Dark Malta announces new headliner / Halcyon debuts on stage / Rock The South statement

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Official Announcement by Dark Malta organisation on Friday 18th March:

Unfortunately in the Last Days we had been informed by the Blutengel Management that their show at Dark Malta Festival 2023 is going to be cancelled for Medical Reasons. With Only 5 Weekends to Go, this couple of Days had been a race against time to find another Headliner for Saturday. While the Dark Malta crew wishes a speedy recovery to the Band Member, we are sure that the band that is replacing Blutengel, for the Saturday Headline Spot will rock Dark Malta Festival ...

This was quickly followed by another post announcing the new headliners for Saturday 22nd April:

This 2 days were a race against time, but now We Are Very Happy to Announce AND ONE as the Headliners for Saturday 22nd April at Dark Malta Festival 2023 ... A Big Thanks and Lots of Gratitude goes to AND ONE and Kai for making this possible in such short notice ... Are you ready for a Military Fashion Show?

Friday 18th march witnessed the debut live appearance of yet another band, a trio, who are still in their early youths. Halcyon is formed by Zain Gauci (Saint Vermin, Chaotic Remains) on guitar and vocals, Alexander James (Damaged & Co.) on bass and vocals and Venezuelan, Victor Hugo Rivera Barreiro on drums.

Originally their debut was supposed to happen some weeks ago in Valletta with the superb lighted city as a backdrop, but due to weather conditions it was postponed. Maybe this accident was in a way a blessing because the sheer brutality they showed on stage at The Garage left the crowd want more, and if there weren’t any bands following the audience would have got more. But Halcyon’s debut marked also the commencement of Club Murder’s Double Murder occasion (with A Broken Design and Club Murder on Friday’s bill and Luciferi Regnum, Morsrot, Lady lizard and a different set by Club Murder on Saturday)

Halcyon project themselves as technical death metal, but the influence of the old school establishment is highly visible, (in fact they performed covers of songs by Death and Sepultura). What is sure about this band is the sense of humour Zain possesses. Definitely a band to look out for and after this performance I’m sure many are eagerly awaiting their debut recordings, hopefully in a very near future.

Official statement from Rock The South organisation on March 16th read:

10 years of music, 10 years of alternative sound and culture blasting throughout Zion with hundreds of bands occupying these stages and thousands of you making endless memories with us

Together with you, we have created this meeting space for local and international artists and live music fans alike, setting the bar for new scenes and subcultures every time

Thank you, Panda for the wonderful visual identity and poster designs throughout the years, alongside Andy Vella for last year's stellar artwork. Annie Jäger Sci and Chris Mal for filming every year, and Videocafe taking over from last year. Special thank you to our home of Zion Bar & Restaurant, with us since day one, alongside all our crew, partners, and all incredible participating artists part of every edition. Thank you to all of you festival goers, for your constant support and excitement throughout the years

Rock the South 10th edition on the 5th 6th and 7th of May full lineup will be out NEXT WEEK together with single-day tickets

Weekend Early bird tickets are still available here

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